Getting Started with Cerber Grid

1. Install the prerequisites

Java JDK 6 -

Any of the databases listed here can be used: Hibernate Dialects
For this example, I will be using MySQL 5.0 - MySQL 5.0 Downloads

2. Download the latest release of Cerber Grid

Download Files

3. Configure the Hibernate Dialect to the database you are using and set the Database properties

Edit CERBERGRID_HOME/ and change the following variables:

hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLInnoDBDialect
hibernate.connection.driver_class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
hibernate.connection.url jdbc:mysql://localhost/cerbergrid
hibernate.connection.username root
hibernate.connection.password hardpassword
A list of Hibernate dialects can be found here: Hibernate Dialects

Remember to create the database (mysql> create database cerbergrid;) in the database, otherwise hibernate will fail with exceptions.

4. Run the Cerber Grid demo

From the directory CERBERGRID_HOME/bin execute:

./ demo

Note that this demo is very simplistic and only shows the execution of jobs linearly. Jobs can be executed massively in parallel.